Astrology October 2012

Oh the cliff!  Here we are, as October ziplines down into place from a spiced up harvest moon with certain strings attached, like Uranus and Pluto in exact degrees, creating some intense moments over the early in the month.  Venus opposing Chiron and Neptune, along with the Mars connection to the devilish Rahu, (north node for us in the West) all adds into the drama of the first few days. Saturn is exiting the more benign Venusian Libra lands and entering the rougher tundra and muddy trenches of the underworld god. You will need workman's boots and a tool belt. Now all of this coincides with a couple of other planetary shifts, all on or close to, October 5th. What a day.

On this, the first anniversary of the passing of genius Steve jobs, Jupiter goes retrograde in a key degree of Gemini, and its somewhat slower motion serves to emphasize a deepening of communication in all areas  Mercury crosses into Scorpio, and likewise the god of karma himself, Saturn, leaves Libra today until 039! A new season is indeed upon us. Mars heads in Sagittarius, which at first may seem a bit inspirational, however it's then clouded over a bit by the Neptune quare. So yes, but no, to sketchy ventures and investments! Be most diligent and wary between the 5th and 8th.

Fortunately, the rare trine from Saturn to Neptune that  arrives on the 7th and remains through most of the month,  is tremendously helpful in blending the material, earthly world with the inspirational side of life. Even better if one or some of your planets are hanging out in early water signs like Pisces Cancer or Scorpio since you will benefit most! (click here to go to the Lunarium). October 9-14 has a beneficial Sun and Jupiter aspect, a nice connection with Mercury and Venus; so altogether, it's a better time than we've seen.

How great ideas are born and carried out may in fact be experienced under the new moon of the 14-15. This particular lunation, which lands in the lovely Libra subsection called "Chitra", inclines towards all that brings CREATIVITY into reality. Artists of all types grab your brushes, instruments and pens this weekend.  The somewhat wider trine to Jupiter ads to the sociability factor, and added to this is the 15, 16th excitement of a Mars and Uranus energetic fire trine. This will surely change the notion of quieter moments belonging to the time of a "dark" moon. It just won't be.

Lurking in the background we still have the Uranus Pluto intensity revving up or driving a back hoe over certain charts and live whose planetary degrees of say Sun, Moon or ascendant fall into those early degrees of cardinal signs. All manner of life changing events have been experienced by this group, (earlier birthdays in Capricorn, Libra, Aries and Cancer).  But many of you will see some better days in the months to come, with Saturn about to streamline and steady some of these angles, especially as it moves into more helpful contact with Pluto.  Such a relief. 

A chart with Saturn in Scorpio can incline to secretiveness and shrewdness and even ignite a latent vindictiveness in certain Scorpio Suns. There is no question about its reach for power. The great range between love and hate falls under this arena, so don't be fooled into thinking things are slight or easy with Saturn residing in whichever house Scorpio happens to rule in one's chart. However, powerful Saturn can bring greater gifts than anything Jupiter might conjure up

The days ahead will be marked with these energies, we aren't just playing around or making nice any longer. I think about the global impact, our dealings with unfriendly nations, and the hard decisions to be made. In later 2013, Saturn will make a stabilizing contact to the USA chart bringing some slightly better news. It will reside in Scorpio until December 23, 2014. There will be more on this as time goes on.

To understand better what this might mean for you, think back 29  and years ago, specifically to late 1982, a year of the dog), to pick up clues as to how this transit will affect you. 1955, 56 and 1981, 82 birth years will be experiencing their "Saturn Returns". That first "return" around age 29, to 30, usually brings that moment where one realizes, that, "I am really responsible, I am the grown up now". It brings a year of karma, not always something to be dreaded; I usually ask a client what happened when Saturn returned to its place in their life. Then I will know more about how Saturn will treat them in the future. What happened to you?

Some thirty years ago, Iran's new regime, under the Ayatollah Khomeni, had just begun. The Reagan revolution was in full swing, a crushing recession and stratospheric interest rates flattened housing, inflation rose rapidly, and Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt. Another brilliant innovator named Steven, this time Spielberg, produced a movie about a cute extraterrestrial left behind on earth, and "ET", landed in our hearts and movie theaters. Find the parallels where you will.

October 18 with the moon conjoining Mars, inspires to adventuresome action, so thrilling for you fire signs.

October 20, Capricorn moon aligns with Pluto and activates the Uranian conflict, not the best for settling matters. The next day, 21, is much softer when Venus and the moon harmonize. 

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23d, and moves into a connection with Saturn, for several helpful days. Use this time to organize and decide how you want to proceed in a realistic practical way. The Pisces moon of the 24th with Neptune can add some inspiration and mystique, I'll take it.

The later October full moon of the 29th, 12:45 pm PST falls in Taurus, and is one of the most powerful of the year's 13 full moons. It is also the Indian Festival of Lights, "Diwali" honoring Lakshmi, the goddess of love and prosperity. The celebrations begin with this full moon and continue until the next lunation, the November 13th new moon.

This pre-Halloween cosmic sky carries a lot of charge. This Monday's dynamic moon opposes Saturn, Mercury squares Neptune, and Mars opposes Jupiter all of which make for some real Scorpio fireworks, which, as we know, can carry matters hidden into the daylight. Full moons with this impact start ahead, and carry over for a few "days of distribution". If it weren't for the helpful aspect to Pluto and the Sun trine Neptune, hmm, I might be more concerned. It IS election season, and this lunation sets the bar for the November 6 Election Day. With these aspects "set" by the full moon, there is no doubt, that some vindictive bullets will be fired.

The star associated with this early Taurus moon, Ashwini in Vedic astrology, is symbolized by the horse head on a female body, a charging ahead vibe if ever there was one. It is believed to indicate a person of great healing powers, an honored physician. He is also said to be a person who is fond of fine clothes, is intelligent, clever and skilled. Why might I think this has bearing on our two national candidates? Especially since managed healthcare is one of the major issues at stake?

We head into November with the moon in Gemini, trine to Venus, oh how nice for trick or treat night, although the tricks are yet to be seen. As for me, I'm getting my candles and pumpkins ready for the Lakshmi festival.


April 21, 22, Wow, understand that this heavy feeling of burdens and responsibility is the legacy of Saturn opposing your life force; it will lift after a few weeks. You have Venus to console you on a couch nearby, so it isn't all a disaster.

June 6, 7, Lucky you, Jupiter's very slow motion is pushing you to succeed where your confidence has failed you in the past. All this month!

November 18, 19, early month, it's a real challenge to go within and find that peaceful world; it all seems too fractious and even combative, at times. Later October is entirely different.

September 20, 21, February 19, 20, 21, Neptune and Mars are squaring off on your Sun's point, lay low early month, rejoice a bit into the middle with a strong arc of Saturn helping you out and bringing strength. Finally, the time near October 23, 24 can bring stabilizing news.

May 20, 21, you still aren't through this Neptune (confusing delusional) square and the nerve of that Mars to inflame it all, better late month.

October 14, 15, New moon birthdays have a whole new start to their lives with this birthday time, a pretty nice solar return is your gift.

June 21, 22, 23, Saturn trines your suns, all of you. A welcome change to be sure. It's strong and helpful, and Neptune adds inspiration.

October 24, I like the Pisces moon here making a nice aspect to the Sun and Saturn. A pretty dynamic year ahead where a lot can be accomplished, if this is your birthday.

October 29, 30 there would appear to be a lot of disruption and turmoil. Depending on your particular return, full moon birthdays

Bring a lot of change and excitement, but this year it might bring too much of both.

September 6 Be watchful around October 16, 17, some slight conflicting energies right now all intensified by the Scorpio moon

September 1, 2 nice harmony near the 12, 13 October with Venus on your Sun and Mercury in a perfect and close degree


1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 16, 22, 24, 25, 29!!! 31