September rides in on the wave of last week's powerful blue moon whose, angles and degrees corresponded to the arc of Pluto and Chiron, all of which just added to the intensity factor not to mention hurricane forces at work. The energetics carried over for a few days.  As we enter Virgo's realm so many are wondering about their place, their goals, their purpose.  "Am I on the right track" is most often asked.  It's so typical of the earth sign's dilemma, where the need to feel grounded and practical predominates.

A beneficent new moon lightens the atmosphere mid-month only to find the planets devolve into a snarl of celestial traffic at month's end.

Here we are.

The Venus square to Saturn in the first few days could float a damp cloud over your plans, lightened only slightly by encouragement from Mercury to Pluto and Mars. In spite of the determined earth energy, there are still a few details to work out.

September 5, 6h, a Taurus moon trine the Sun and Pluto can smooth things out.  It's a good time to plan, organize, and see plans materialize.  It's also the timing for the Democratic convention – and the re-nomination of Barack Obama. Saturn moving into Scorpio in early October will create difficulties; it won't be an easy win by any means.

Indians of the subcontinent celebrate the feast of the elephant god, Ganesha, remover of obstacles on September 6th, and those born on this day are thus considered to be very fortunate.

September 7-10 calls for more patience as the world needs to catch up to your ideas and goals, since you may not be operating at the same speed.  Mercury and the Sun square Jupiter plus a Saturn square to Venus, all of these planetary clashes add up to this: try to settle matters, in spite of the conflicts presented.

The  moon square to Saturn and a void moon at that, covering most of the 11th,  leaves this day as one of slight consequence, don't sign anything too important or you may find yourself doing it over.

September 12th the welcome Venus and Moon conjunction in Leo, plus a trine from Uranus and Mercury, means that this day can work for you!  The later aspect between charming Venus and excitable Uranus, bring some happy romantic moments.

The cheerful energy stays into the13th only to be slightly upended by an aggressive moon square to Mars.

Friday's Virgo moon accentuates that Virgoan need for structure, along with decent health and nutrition habits. The brief opposition to Neptune and Chiron mid-day should lift by nighttime, and move into harmony with the god of Hades.  Order has been restored.

The Virgo New Moon of Saturday the 15th, 7:11 pm PDT, falls under the kindhearted rays of Uttara Phulgani. 

Eager to help those in distress, this is a generous and kindly star. Although rather feminine in its attributes, it belongs to the warrior caste, whereby one is dedicated to performing good and noble deeds.I wouldn't mind arranging a wedding near this time, and also a happy note, it’s the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays. With the Sun and Moon in his segment of the Vedic sky calendar, an inspirational note is sure to be added to the days that follow.

Ceres the Earth mother is involved with the Virgo moon and how nurturing and loving an element we have here.  This is a perfect time to consider a juice purification ritual, or clean out a closet or garage even make a new plan or resolution for your health and wellness goals. The planetary supports for these endeavors are here.

Another significant occurrence this month is that a few planets seem to speed up and cover a lot of territory in the process.

Look, there's Saturn, finishing his 2 and half year sojourn in Libra, while Mercury is on a skate board zooming through 2 almost complete signs, and Mars is on a tear from the beginning to near end of Scorpio. 

Whew. It's really some parade and the effect will ultimately be to charge your life up like a can of red bull. They're all in a hurry-except for Pluto.

Because, as we move into the middle of the month, Pluto's slowing down into direct motion forms an exact square to Uranus, the same  thing we've been talking, about for months and now here it is.

The exact "birth" of the Tea Party can be traced to February 19, 2009 when Rick Santelli uttered his famous diatribe on CNBC.  At that time, the newly sprung Pluto Uranus square also included a third arm which included a T-square to Saturn. Apparently it galvanized a conservative movement into being.

The clash between the planetary gods has resulted in the massive frustration and rebellion across the globe.  The fight against oppression, whatever it's description, is on, and must  eventually find its resolution, in whichever form, be it new governments, new laws or new ways of living. The final denouement between them is three years away so hold on for the ride which will eventually cover all the cardinal that is Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, and Cancer, territory.

The political season has arrived.

The political season has arrived. Neither candidate has an easy road ahead, although Obama's new chapter in his Saturn period should help him as it's his strongest planet. His astrology is only slightly more positive for re-election than the other teams. The USA is in a weak time period under its present dasha (house period) until 2015, and then the big changes will come. 

Paul Ryan's Sun in Aquarius will feel the backslap of Saturn in 2012, but so will the other candidates. Romney's very lucky Piscean lineup could help him although the north node over his moon in November signals a problem arising. Timing is better for him in four years. Being President is a really difficult job, no easy chart follows a president in office.  

This is a good thing seeing the slightly more difficult days, of September 17, 18, 19 just ahead.  Here we find the aforementioned Pluto's going direct on the 18th and landing onto the exact Uranian crucible.  And the moon with Saturn in Libra adds a steadying if not sobering, element.

The Autumnal Equinox of September 22nd, 7:49 am PDT, believed to set the pattern for the next season to come, arrives with a benign moon in Sagittarius sextile (60 degrees apart) to Saturn and later that day a nice early Capricorn moon sextiles  Neptune. Because sextiles are considered gifts from the heavens, it seemed like a good idea to schedule a conference that day, so I did


September 24, 25, the moon square to Saturn only makes you work harder and the element of Mars in warrior mode Scorpio

Means the game is on as he approaches Venus and makes a slight obscure angle to Uranus. The Aquarian moon of the 26 harmonizes with Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury hanging out in Libra, all groups can unite and agree for a time anyway, aim for 8-10 pm in the evening of the 25th.

September 27 Mars in Scorpio clashes with his consort, Venus, in heart centered Leo. Their squabble stays like this for the remainder of the month and is only slightly relieved by Jupiter's hand. It's a foreshadowing of the November eclipse yet to come, but the events here will give a clue as to what's ahead then.  A note of caution is advised here against too much confidence, overdoing and overspending. Play it safe, reign in your words and use them gently, not as weapons.

SEPTEMBER 29 6:14 AM PDT   here comes the Harvest full Moon. The Sun will maintain your equanimity sign of Libra facing off with the Moon in pugilistic Aries, in this usually large appearing orb, is so tied up with the Pluto Uranus square that it's a hard to get out of the box.

No doubt this will cause imbalance to our financial worlds and throw even more fiery barbs into the political arena. The only thing to do is stand back, watch and wait.  Don't even think of planning a wedding this weekend, just imagine all the disruptive family dynamics acting themselves out. This is maybe the most dramatic full moon of the year, hiding your feelings now? Impossible. (See below for birthdays most impacted by this moon.)

With this trigger for so much disruption, no one's chart is left untouched, and right now certain birthdays are feeling it more than others. Should  you have an early Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn birthday or have a moon in 6-9 degrees of these signs  (follow this link to Lunarium ) then you are vulnerable as well. But don't worry, because our lives move and change, just like the planets and the seasons.

Sliding happily along near this disruption goes Jupiter, busy in the communicative element of Gemini, and tipping the eclipse point of the Venus aspect from last June, especially near the 26th. Now this should reactivate those love vibes-or at least talking about them will be fun and continues on into early October.


June 5, 6, 7 Jupiter brings the Venus (love) element back into your world, reminiscent of last June's activity.

October 4, 5, for a moment second half of the month, this same Jupiter aspect helps lighten the load, expanding and enlarging your view.

September 12 beautiful energy and solar return year for you, rejoice.

October 15-18   should be really happy to see the last of Saturn’s heaviness oppressing your sun, relief is coming your way.

November 11-12 near the 3d week of September must watch for tempers, reckless words, action, it could be a dicey time for you. And also May 11, 12 days as well.  Speak thoughtfully, walk softly.

November 20, 21 days are under siege from some sort of karmic retribution pattern.  Keep your head down, curb aggressive tendencies; it's not your time yet.

September 29 it’s hard birthday this year, with many obstacles to climb over. Especially with this full moon engaging the Pluto Uranus dynamic and all of it wrapped up together with the full moon,A lot of tension is being created that is making your life difficult right now.

March 29 same sort of vibe, a dramatic full moon upends your world temporarily, limit travel and events, and you may feel powerless.

June 29, 30, This rocker full moon involves your life as well, more of the same drama come to the fore, most likely involving family,

I'm sure there are quite a few Capricorns close to the January 1st birthdays who are wishing for a little less transformation from the god of the underworld.

Neptune is still sloshing backwards (retro) thru early Pisces along with troublemaker Chiron, just to wash doubt and uncertainty over that third week in February and August 20-23, birthdays.


3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 20, 22, 29