July Astrology 2012

Once we get past the first two days, which are still tangled up in the gridlock of Pluto and Uranus square to the Sun, life evens out, matters will be smoothed and organized in a business like way, even if employing a lawyer is what is called for.

We then find ourselves under the powerful magnetism of the Capricorn full moon, and the great Indian festivals of Guru Purnima, a sacred time of self-examination, god realization within.

With this Capricorn moon in Mula, It is believed that if one asks for god's blessings and grace at this particular full moon, he she will receive it.

On the mundane sphere,  since the Capricorn moon wants practical matters decided, and because the Cancerians's hidden skill is their sharp business acumen, security of family will be the primary thought -Domestic issues will be paramount.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died the same day, July 4th, 1826!

The first two days are caught up in the gridlock of the Sun and Pluto and Uranus, with teeth bared, power struggles, causing dissension, in the process of tying up last year's fiscal books, or like projects. It has not been that smooth, we're hoping for better.

The early month's a full moon occurring in the vedic constellation Ardra, meaning the "teardrop" is also very close to the brightest, reddest star in the constellation of Orion, the and supergiant  Betelgeuse.

And it is no accident and the steaminess associated with the negative water meaning of Ardra is visiting a rain forest like climate- severe heat- upon at least 22 states the USA.

People are sweating, the sun is burning ferociously.

For a good part of the month Venus and Jupiter together in Gemini is very sociable and amiable, communicative, those Gemini's are fun to be around.

It has not been a good birthday for Tom Cruise' birthday, July 3d, 1962, day of this moon, turning 50.AndKatie Holmes, Dec 18, 1978. His chart show that there has been emotional turmoil for several months, it couldn't have been a total surprise, September shows a definite split, the end of a cycle, and great sadness for him, too bad, Sat squares his moon at 2. Leo Cross his asc at 2. Scorp in Sept as well, heavinessborn close to an eclipsethat mars sq Uranus, Taurus and Aquarius, is never a good thing, these are people I shy away from, too overly expressive, bordering on hypomanic at times,A 2 yr. process for him to go thru with this divorce

Merc retro July 15th. The slowdown

Katie’s chart: her prog Venus at 14 sag has been very unhappy for some time sq sat at 13 Virgo, sat into Scorpio next year will bring about some even dif moments, major eclipses rocking the top, career, and bottom, home, domicile , areas of her chart.


July 14, 15, 16

New moon

July 23,24, 25 Sun into Leo Mars, up, Merc, all in perfect sextile, harmony, end month Mars at 13, 14 trines  June 4th eclipse..

Later month

Obama vs. Romney

Special birthdays


Mars leaves Virgo, at last!  July 4

July 16, 17 Mars and jup sextile 7 gem. libra, plus the Sat sq Sun in cancer, and Merc retroVenus and Jupiter together, 2 best planets time around the 4th is very nice, sextiles from Uranus, Merc, Venus, 8 Venus aspects the June 4th eclipse.

Full moon in Cancer, oppose Capricorn 12, cancer cap.  11:24 am

About Ardra and PoorvashdhaPurimina guru the cancer full moon

Capricorn is the practical down to earth, moon, and always with the full moon I cancer, this will be the duo… home, emotions, feelings, versus what is pragmatic and useful and necessary.

Rudra, the reddest, Betelgeuse, the brightest star-heat!

Ardra water, tear drop, storms, and sweat! Rain forest locations

Vs. Cancer Cap

Eclipse free month, very harmonious combinations, for a brief interlude, vacations, and luxury moments. It's a good month.

USA chart

NEW MOON 28 cancer JULY 18TH PDT 9:24 pm sq Saturn 24 Libra ALSO Pluto sq Uranus sq this is a harder time, disappointing…

Uranus trine Mercury, only decent part, Jup, Venus trine Mars helps.


Late June, 29, 30 and late December, same dates, are under the maw of the two bruisers up above, Pluto and Uranus… Their dance continues, on your roof, causing many little frustrations, and some pretty big ones as well.  Meanwhile, should your moon fall in early Cancer, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces could create some excitement and upheaval. Too bad they don't sell emotional collision insurance, because this would be a good time to buy some if you could.

July 3, 4, Full moon birthday year!! It won't be dull, and even though that famous grid of frustration from Ur and Pluto is approaching, you still have a reprieve.

How amazing that two of our greatest founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died the same day, July 4, 1826.

And John Adams' final words, "Thomas Jefferson still lives" were spoken just hours after his friend had died.

Jan 2, 3, 4, as well, they are polar opposites

July18, 19, the new moon birthdays, will labor under some difficult issues for several months, but all should clear up when Saturn moves into Scorpio later in 2013. The picture right now may seem harsh but thankfully planets and life, moves and changes.

May 30 to June 8 birthdays, in the first half of July, are blessed by lovely Venus crossing over their suns, with Jupiter close behind, and Mars adding some spark, how fun to be you.

October 1-5 births are almost as lucky; have a relaxing month maybe even read!

Later in July, those August 1st and 2nd birthdays will have too much fun with all those fire and air planets showering them with attention.

 May 20-23 children will be analyzing their progress and goals and generally looking deep into their life to see what changes should be made at this point.

November 20, 21, 22, sort of the same as their May counterparts but here a career plan could be rewarding and perseverance pays off.

August,1, 2, 3, would love to get that mosquito, Mercury off of its ear, but the buzzing just doesn't  stop, and  ideas are continually  flying through your brain, especially mid-month. The Venus sextile encourages your creativity, it will all turn out well, and Uranus moving towards those close degrees will amp up your life in a few months in ways you never thought possible.  You think you're being creative now? Just wait. And if your moon is anywhere from 8 to 12 Leo, I mean you too.

October 13,14,15 have had their share of pressure, the Saturnian influence is moving away and on toward the later days of October, This new moon makes it especially aggravating, but just wait till later in the year when Jupiter carries your flag and lends you all kinds of support.

Early Aries, 1,2, oh my, it isn't over yet, you're still up on Magic Mountain  on the ride of your life, trying to balancing three things at once. That Aries fire impulsivity can get in your own way.


Barack Obama's birthday is August 4, 1961.

New moon eclipse May 20 th conj Mitt's ascendant!



I had to look at the chartsAnd Barack Obama, Osama, Obama, similar but how different…Ketu about to smack his moon!! Set him back a minute, although, in July his Saturn period is strong,

Osama had so much conflict, a powerful father complex with the Sun harsh with Saturn, son of a less favored wife, inner rage that in a normal person can get released through exercise, as I tell my clients. His Pisces planets in hard aspect left him a somewhat delusional,And then our president,RAHU WILL CROSS HIS MC IN SEpT, OCT, fairly obvious his chart is very strong for re-election.