Bookended by a Scorpio moon from beginning to end, June rolls in under two significant eclipses, a day apart! The June 4th lunar eclipse, 4:10 am PDT, is followed by the very rare Venus eclipse of the sun, June 5th, 6:10 pm for about 3 hours.You might recall the events – in your life – back in June of 2004 when that previous June 8th Venus eclipse marked the passing of Ronald Reagan. What happened in your life at that time? Where did you regain your power? It is assumed that Gemini influences are flighty, sometimes shallow and insincere, but I'm here to tell you that the genius element should not be overlooked, and the open-minded hermaphroditic god is able to look at matters through an impartial eye. So adding to this the light and harmony bestowed by Venusian energies in whatever house and on whichever planets in your chart align closely to this rare event, the better off you are. Given the element of Mars forcing issues at this time, I would expect some high emotionality to add to the intense feelings of these early June days, although not in a devastating or evil way. The addition of Neptune retrograde the same day invites an element of fractiousness where delusion collides with reality, and no doubt all things financial will be affected since the global markets are already in turmoil. To sum up, it's a three day blast of cosmic contention, things turned awry, watch your words and actions as matters will not be taken lightly.

Lunar eclipse is not presages of extreme tidal events or tsunamis and earthquakes in the same way that solar eclipses have been seen to foretell these things.This early June eclipse falls vertically under the star of Rohini, the favorite wife of the moon god, Chandra, and therefore considered an exalted position for Venus and the sun or moon, What made her so special you ask, well possibly because the idea of “you’ll never be bored”, words spoken to a new husband of his soon to be, Gemini wife- was the lunar deity's same experience.We will not see another Venus eclipse pair until 2117 and 21125, which always falls in Gemini, amazing but true, so live it up.

Use this link to Lunarium to find your own chart and location of 16, 17 Gemini to see where these eclipses impact YOU.

Happy Birthday to Angelina Jolie, whose Sun oppose Neptune at birth, June 4th 1975, (9:09 am Los Angeles), an aspect that brings out a bit of delusional and obsessive tendencies to be sure, is set off and amplified to some degree by these eclipses as they land exactly on her Sun. Later in the summer her hopes and dreams may experience a set back or delay.

The chart on one's birthday is very important and creates a "solar return" which sets the imprint for the entire year ahead, so it's a good idea to pay attention to the sky overhead.

Happier times are on the horizon for many air people with Jupiter moving into early Gemini on the 11th. The Benevolent One will stay in this sign for a year, adding to whatever Venus has just brought into the designated house position of Gemini. If on your ascendant, or sun, watch a tendency to gain weight– or just expand yourself, a better meaning perhaps!  As Gemini is the communication sign, expect more advances in how we connect with each other, ipads, iphones and even the more old fashioned ways of corresponding! Actual books in print are more than nostalgia, they become friends.

Friday and Saturday, June 8, 9 see some harmonious lovely trines and connections between Venus and Neptune, Mercury and Neptune. That rather cold Aquarian moon softens out with its contact to Venus and then Saturn later on.  Over all a really nice weekend for friends and family, and weddings!

June 5, 13 the degree of Mars, involved in these eclipse can trigger all sorts of emotional storms, lover’s quarrels, and probably some very serious global news. With Chiron retrograde on the 11th, and Neptune the 4th, close together in Pisces and  Mercury moving into the water domain of Cancer,  just serves to deepen the well of thoughts and feelings needing to be expressed.

June 19th new moon falls very close to the Summer Solstice, which adds to its impact along with proximity to the fixed star Betelgeuse, one of my favorites, a bright red genius star. Located in Mrigashira, a Gemini subsection devoted to forests and nature, she is pictured as a deer running through them, and carries a somewhat erotic undertone. This lunation will seek out elements of beauty in nature, poetry and music. Exploring and ever curious, seeking out beauty is its primary function.

The major story is of course, the Uranus and Pluto war dance that has been wreaking havoc in everyone's charts, globally, personally, for many months with more to come. All are influenced by this rebellion from Uranus toward the patriarchal nature of life altering Pluto in Capricorn, whose path brings devastating destruction only to be rebuilt in a new and better fashion.  We are still in the demolition stage, the rebuilding will follow.  Governmental, financial, and medical structures are experiencing the revolution firsthand. Its' flinging out of governments and rules like popcorn is reminiscent of the late 60's all over again, with the same two outer planets colliding once more.  June 24th will see this exact point of the crucible, very close to squaring the sun and moon! If your birthday is close to this, trouble shoot where you can, I recommend insurance and pujas(Prayer ceremonies to offset the heaviness). Other than that, fate takes its course.

Because everyone has a lunar return every 28 days in his or her charts, this grid lands sometimes on very close planets and on birth planets too, therefore we are all experiencing these affects somewhere in our lives.Baby Boomers are feeling the impact of this on their Libra Neptune’s, oh Medicare and social security, false promises abound.  And as for Generation Y, the Millennial those late 80's and early 90's babies, born under a major Capricorn conjoining of planets, where are your promised jobs and careers! And  as for the so called "Virgo" generation, born in the 60's, supposedly the more practical children born in the lab of the Uranian Plutonian bomb factory, who are thought to be the generation to save health care, we might be looking to you for answers.

Closer to the 24, a very frustrating day and weekend, the more intense aspects begin to form, Saturn goes direct on the 25th,Venus on the 28th, all making for a new plan of action. We will need the Sun Neptune trine, a musical — spiritually sweet configuration Believe it or not, there is a positive quality to these retrogrades going direct, something definite and focused about it. And as for those huge squares, let me say, I have seen many charts of successful people both professionally and internally, who have struggled and overcome the harshness of such heavy squares in their charts. It's all about how one can climb up and over these problems to a greater and better sphere of life. It happens all the time and makes for greatness.

The June, 29 to 30 weekend finds that intensity of the Scorpio moon enhancing Pluto for just a minute, and writing a script on 'transformation', (that overused Plutonian word). It's the end and beginning for many business' financial years so adding up numbers and confronting reality may not be pleasant under this grid, especially now.

Looking ahead, it's especially fun to see what the Venus Jupiter conjunction will bring next week, if your Moon or Sun are 11, 12, 13 Gem, then this will be YOUR moment.


JUNE 13-16 With Saturn trine to your Sun, the year ahead has earth to hold it steady and support your plans and projects. The Venus sextile to Uranus is ever exciting. I don't even mind the Mars square.

Later June birthdays, 28, 29, frustrations and family problems tie you in knots how to untangle yourself?

October 13, 14, 15, Finally, Saturn is going to leave you alone and he hopes you "got" the lesson, there was a fated quality but thank god (him?) it's lifting.

May 24, 25, 26 a very amazing time in certain respects because Jupiter and the south node (called "Ketu") riding on your sun now brings out extraordinary talents you probably didn't know you had. There is a spiritual dimension to this also, exploring other modalities and traditions appeals.

March 27, 28, 29 are feeling the slash of the Uranus Pluto square, it makes life difficult, but astrology as in life, tells us that things move and change. Jupiter's sextile to your sun for a couple of months will lighten the load.

November 24, 25, 26, the moon's North Node (Rahu) cruising over your sun has brought a certain strength of purpose to many whose suns have been under his mantle. Accomplishments may be yours!

December 3, 4, 5, just in case you thought the June 4th eclipse didn't apply to you, guess what, it does. Have an exciting month, the fiery emotional moon in Sag, makes that happen.

April 13, 14, 15, 16, Saturn has been creating all sorts of roadblocks on your path; he's leaving now, clear the runway.

January 16, 17, 18, Mars is activating your usual cautious nature and saying the heck with that restrictive Saturnian element that has hindered you for months- but is now leaving.

May 8, 9, 10, 11, early June is an active time, busy, energized, all of it is yours!

Later December, 28. 29, lo the god of the underworld has had your number for some time, bringing about less than pleasant events, but the bar is lifting and your later in Capricorn friends will be receiving  their times of  dynamic change soon enough.

July 25, 26, 27, oh how we love to see Mercury on your Suns in late June with Jupiter and Venus throwing beams of light at you in the most delightful ways, lucky you.


JUNE 4, 5, 8, 12, 17, 20, 24, 25, 27, 29