Welcome to one of the better months of 2012. May is here with some happy moments, a few Jupiterian gifts, and a memorable full moon.

It's fairly auspicious beginning with the Moon and Mars in Virgo lining up nicely to the Sun, and Pluto, makes for nice earth sign harmony, and didn’t our president just initiate a May Day morale boosting surprise visit for our troops in Afghanistan?

Still celebrated in Scotland as the Beltane Fire Festival, this full moon of May 5-6, one of the most powerful of the year, emphasizes the blessings of earth and nature with the Sun in Bahrani, a segment of Taurus relating to fecundity and regeneration. 
The addition of Jupiter and Ceres, earth mother emphasizes what is good and pure. This provides a healthy contrast to the sharp Scorpio Moon in Vishaka and encourages open communication. Major life changing decisions can be made with this moon event. Happy you if your birthday is this weekend, promising many exciting events to look forward to — and upwards to as well, since this full moon's proximity to earth will make it appear larger than ever., and activate the tides as well. Surfers grab your boards!

Monday the 7th's Saturn opposition to Mercury will cause a shift of plans and some reorganizing of details. Oct 15, Aril 15 birthdays are on the grill here. There is a tendency to arguments so best to stay quiet if possible. And stubborn Mercury in Taurus doesn't like to change its mind, On Tuesday, the 8th, a moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus and squares Mars, so unusual excitement prevails for a day or so.

May 12, 13 have their own beauty, with Jupiter so close to the earthy Taurus sun and a grand air trine with Venus, Saturn and the moon. It's a wonderful time for weddings or spiritual retreats, other meaningful celebrations, or maybe just gardening!

May 14, 15, could be the most powerful time of the month, as Venus moves backwards, preparing for her walk across the sun, Jupiter sits with the Sun, while Mercury creates a strong tie to Pluto; it's a time of definition and decisions.
Venus is the planet of relating so how and with whom one does that becomes more important in these couple of months.

Venus' traveling in the mid degrees of Gemini right now, and for most of May, creates a very favorable connection to Saturn, lifting obstacles for many and throwing a beacon of hope into those places that have been previously dark. I speak to those mid-October people, 13, to 15, and those with similar birth dates in June as well as some with Gemini moons and of course wherever these degrees of Gemini land in your own chart.

This impending Venus occultation, June 6, 7, is a very rare and powerful cosmological event, occurring only every 117 years or so, and while many astrologers are joyously calling this the “Year of Venus," I however, want to know where it will influence YOUR chart. To find out use this link).

Also, because this rare Venus transit occurs in pairs, try to recall what you were doing and thinking in June 2004, the last time this happened because there will be a similar emotional response now.

Meanwhile we can't overlook the tightening square between those two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, whose grid in a square pattern has caused much of the world's revolutionary turmoil for over a year. Their dance, similar to the late 60's, continues into 2015 and as they move further ahead, will especially affect later degree sun and moons in the cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer).

However, this configuration will land in everyone's chart in specific ways and therefore it's helpful to see just where, in what areas are you being asked to make some he shifts, in your life, and ways of thinking.

The other main event of May is upon us, with the solar eclipse of the 20th in the highly active one degree Gemini, where Taurus and Gemini meet. This is not so lovely, even though Mercury and Jupiter form a nice earth (finance) alignment. Some Vedic seers are cautioning possible extreme weather patterns in reaction to this eclipse.

This new moon solar eclipse, at 4:40 pm PDT, sends a square to Neptune, which adds to the cosmic quandary. It also lands a small asteroid of confusion onto Obama's early moon in Gemini. In thinking about this, I wondered if his health plan would make it through the Supreme Court. Further in the summer his chart changes in remarkable ways, but that's for a later column.

This new moon in Krittika, an energetic and intellectually stimulating part of Gemini, calls for an awakening of the mind, and it's conjunction to the south node will bring up issues about how we have thought about things in the past and where we might change those ideas in the present. Very close to the degree of this eclipse, 28 Taurus, lies the constellation of the Pleiades, a point not be overlooked in its historical significance, as many in the ancient world, Egyptians, Mayans, Pacific Islanders, and some Native Americans, all positioned their temples and pyramids to align with these "Seven Sisters" (also called the Seven Mothers). Theirs was a visionary belief that many of our earthly ancestors descended from these stars and thus brought their own brand of light to “seed" our planet. Should your birthday coincide with a solar eclipse, look for a life changing year, and for some, although rare, cases a stellar event can take place.

May 23, 24 , the line up of Mercury and Jupiter in later Taurus brings some stability to an otherwise ungrounded couple of days, with the Sun so close to the moon's south node, where self-doubt and insecurity can wash over you early Geminis. 

May 25th Mercury enters Gemini, home territory for the hermaphroditic god of travel and communications. A few days later, the Sun and Mercury meet, oh conversations abound, but there is that annoying square to Chiron in the background, and a day later the moon adds a Virgoan moment of down to earth reality. Plans may get changed -again. Ideas continue to fly in this mental aviary and finally by the 30th, the nice trine to the Libra moon could have turned all that Memorial Day chattiness into a smoother narrative, except for, well, the conflict of Uranus and Pluto with today's moon-there it is again.

We are now very close to the Full moon lunar Eclipse of June 4th and immediately afterwards, June 6, 7, the Venus "eclipse" of the Sun. Stargazers unite with your telescopes. Wow!


May 1,5,13, 14, 16, 21, 28, 30


May 5, 6, November, 5, 6 the full moon impact along with Jupiter's benevolent hand ensures some exciting days in the next 2 weeks ahead. Your life and self are lit up, be seen, feel beautiful.

May 13, 14, aim high, this could be what you've been waiting for!

May 20, 21, you are the solar eclipse babies whose lives will be changed in big ways in the next 365 days to follow. Be open to new fields of thought, welcome innovation, have courage.

May 23, 24, 25 early Gemini, problems, mainly self-created due to feelings of insecurity, try not to give into them. Remember, in astrology as in life, everything move and changes.

June 10, 11, 12, 13 With Saturn supporting, and Venus on your sun, your path is lit up in harmonious ways; this could be one of your best times ever.

March 26, 27 Uranus conjuncts you’re Sun and some of you may continue on the path of genius, for others it's a trying time with some physical limitations.

October 11 to 13, thank Venus for lifting the heavy load Saturn as placed on you all this past year, better days are ahead.

November 24, 25, feelings of taking back your power alternate with insecurity, go the high road. You are still feeling the after effects of last November's solar eclipse on your Sun… Travel lightly.

Later August, 28, 29, 30, you have probably not experienced this much energy or drive in a long time.

February 20-22, still feeling the impact the last November 25 and this current May 20 eclipse for a while, it will get better, Neptune causing confusion yet could bring inspiration.

September 20-22, similar to February above, although you have the support of Jupiter now, to lighten the load somewhat.

Later December birthdays, 26 to 28, huge dilemmas have been creating problems, it will soon pass.

As for later June , 27, 28, 29, it's been life changing but there is a brighter spot with Chiron trine and Neptune slowly moving to inspire you, a whole new way of life may be soon yours.

Early July, 1, 2, is still feeling the revolutionaries, Pluto and Uranus, squaring off and causing irrevocable changes, some are for the good!