March winds have arrived with a fury of tornados devastating parts of the Midwest and the south, all of which occurred under the squaring of Venus and Saturn and the moon, a very sad combination indeed. With both Mercury and Mars retrograde– and personal planets affect our intimate everyday lives so much– it tends to confuse matters and this  in a water month with some serious Piscean action from Neptune and Chiron no less. The mystical element both inspires and deludes.
The 4th and 5th'bring harsh reminders from Mars and Saturn and the moon's nodes, a suggestion to stand back if you can, try to maintain some sense of inner calm. Meanwhile the fractious winds and windbags motor along the political front as well, and with Super Tuesday on the 6th, the yammering continues on into the full moon of the 7th and 8th.
With the strange sounding Hindu name of Purva Badrapada, the Sun in Pisces falls in a place associated with underworld world cycles of life, its dark side being brought into the light by the moon in its opposite location in Virgo, called Purva Phulgani. There is such a contrast of energies here., but no doubt a sensual build up to the weekend. The moon in this position accentuates what is lovely, luxurious and comforting, in stark contrast to the sun in its deep underwater yet metaphysical, place. Virgo in its practical helpful nature paired off with its opposite, fluid inspirational Pisces, have a lot in common. Many a Pisces and Virgo closet find their shirts lined up in rainbow precision according to color; it's true that seemingly opposite signs actually have a lot in common.
The good news is that this lunation heads into the weekend with one of the best aspects of the entire year, the greatly heralded grand earth trine of 2012! Beginning on March 11th, Pluto (power and strength) and Jupiter (expansion, benevolence) next to Venus (attraction, harmony), move to form a perfect triangular grid with Mars (the war god) energizing and activating those planets or houses that correspond in your particular chart. This beautiful configuration is a very strong influence that carries through most of the month. 
How fortunate if  this is your moon sign degree, or if your birthday should fall in the March 11-14 range, (use this link to lunarium) It should bring some happy news to Mitt Romney whose birthday is March 12th, and who will very likely become the Republican frontrunner. His Gemini ascendant makes for a pleasing demeanor but will his aspects hold up come November? I'm not so sure.
The Mercury retrograde, also the 12th, in the fire element of Aries, means it is closer to the earth (the Vedic meaning, favorable) and that moment  and place where it stops, close to Uranus! adds greatly to the impact of these transits. It is fairly dynamic to say the least and we all know by now how intense a Scorpio moon can be.
It's fascinating to me how so many people mention Mercury retrograde in conversation, and I think, well in a fire sign it's ok, although I would try not to sign anything too major like buying a house or a car if I didn't have to. I had no choice once, and then  was able to rewrite the escrow contract on a house when the inspections were compete and Mercury was direct. It worked out perfectly.
The large earth trine culminates on the 14th with an affectionate alignment between Venus and Mars. The five planets in earth signs ensure that work and responsibility carry forth as we head into the weekend of the 16th. Into Saturday and St. Patrick's Day, the moon in later Capricorn heads into a mid day square to Saturn, so a note of caution advised, don't go overboard while celebrating your Irish roots. But overall the solid earth trine is holding up well this weekend and for those moons in 7-10 of earth signs( Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) and birthdays mentioned below. Mercury and Uranus meet exactly to ignite some possible verbal fireworks as the new moon in Aries, approaches. See below if your birthday lands between March 23-26.
March 19th's Pisces moon moves into connection with Neptune and Chiron, later in the evening, oh dream group alert! And at 10:15 pm the Sun enters Aries and the Spring equinox is here!
The March 21st the first day of the zodiacal year, finds the new moon, Mercury, and Uranus tightly connected in the pioneer sign of Aries.
Should your birthday fall close to this date, it's helpful to know that the Uranian influence over your sun has produced some creative brilliant innovations — and people — aside from the revolutionary and rebellious qualities it sometimes harbors.  When Uranus crosses your Sun, it's life changing, no question about it. I always feel that doors open in one's head to new intellectual pursuits and adventures with this transit, but a note of caution if you have a history or are in a place of possible health concerns. On a larger plateau I would be expecting some very dynamic and breakthrough news.
How tragic it was that Whitney Houston,(August 9,1963) lost her way under an obvious mental depression brought on, I am convinced, by some very devastating news that she must have known at least six months ago if not a year. She was probably involved in an alluring and yet dangerous emotional situation at for at least that long. The transits of Uranus and Pluto inflicted some damage on a receptive soul. The lack of a father figure stands out clearly in this chart, as well as her physical beauty and love of children. Astrology shows the planets coming and going, and situations changing over time; if she could have only seen that light. Her talent and electrifying voice, nurtured in her early years by singing gospel in her local church, grew to legendary proportions. After all, music is "that form of the arts highest to the gods" (Neitschze). If only it or they could have saved her.
By the 24th Mercury has slid back into watery Pisces, not always a great place for a mental air planet, at least there's a reason for the confusion. The exalted Taurus moon of the 25th, 26th joins with Jupiter and Venus and brings back some of those nice vibes from mid month. Beware of the 29th's harsh square from Pluto to the Sun and Uranus. This brings home the difficult aspects from those outer planets which are so affecting world economies and governments. Will Syria be stabilized or come to some flaming conclusion by this time? The tricky Gemini moon adds to the uncertainty. Be discerning and cautious here.
Young and rebellious is Uranus in Aries, arguing with the heavy paternalistic financial weight of Pluto in Capricorn. This ongoing square explains this global angst which continues for three more years. Their connection becomes closer as we move towards summer.
Pleasant outcomes are seen for the 29th, with Mercury in a nice angle to Venus, oh shoppers take note. This is followed by the Cancer moon of the 30th, which feeds into the same square pattern mentioned above so maybe the only bright light might be Saturday's moon Mercury trine, softening things a bit. You just don't get everything. Heading into very early April, the Leo Moon of the second loves its fire mate Aries Sun, and Mercury goes direct the 4th, all is not lost. As we said before, the great thing about astrology has been the ability to see how things move and change.