What is it about Aquarians? There have been more US Presidents born in February, than any other sign. Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, Wm Henry Harrison and although his birth was  January 30th, FDR was also an Aquarian. With the exception of Washington, the other three were born earlier in the month, under the star, Danistha, symbolized in the Hindu myths by a drum, wealthy and heroic, a call to arms, our strong leaders.
Interesting to note, the current Team of Rivals lacks an Aquarian candidate.
This month’s main highlights center around the full (7, 8) and New (21) moons, the continuation of Mars retrograde in Virgo, the Saturn retrograde and Neptune’s move into Pisces.
What does this mean for you? Those most affected by these passages include  early Piscean  birthdays, mid sign, Virgoans , early Capricorns and Arians, early Gemini’s and late Librans.
The Full moon in Leo, Feb 7,8, makes this one of the more powerful of the year’s 13 full moons. Nothing is taken lightly here and this year it makes even more of an impact, with Saturn making a station in late Libra before turning retrograde, a usually sober event all by itself  and a call to rethink your values! A warning  here  from mercury too close to the Sun, to control any overly aggressive words, and impulses.
February 9, 10, 11, Venus enters Aries and matches up to unpredictable Uranus here, which  makes for a lot of fiery edgy behavior. If your birthday is on or near this, expect a somewhat wild year of  sudden surprises — and wear your seatbelt at all times
Point of interest: the opposition from Saturn to Jupiter, an every 20 year recurrence, coincides with the current real estate market  downturn trend. The conjunction, 2000, 2020, generally heralds the upturn, Best to take a Zen approach, turn aside, let events pass.
The Leo moon combination indicates an expression of freedom and  individuality, the hall mark of Aquarius.
On a more cheerful note, the strong Venus placement, encourages the romantic and financial patterns for the month. All is not lost, there is hope!
Leo and Aquarius share many similar traits, the kingliness, the need to shine, to be adored, it’s all here. The moon in Leo makes for a very generous Aquarian, who knows he’s divine and special, this combo brings out the desire for sartorial splendor, beautiful clothes and accessories.
This degree of the moon (the star Ashelsha in Vedic) needs to be careful, for the more subtle meaning  indicates the head of the serpent that stings, whereas  the tail is Danistha, (this Aquarian degree) symbolized by the caduceus and the medical staff of Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, That which wounds also heals. In other words, it’s one heck of a powerful full moon.
February 13, 14, the Scorpio moon can evoke sharp tongues and cynical attitudes — Valentines not received or delivered?
The next day’s moon in Sagittarius with the moon’s node can bring out some very sensitive feelings indeed.
Yet the Saturn Mercury trine works to stabilize matters more related to the business arena. So one thing offsets the other.
Along with the Saturn Retrograde the other big news of the month is Neptune’s return to its home sign of Pisces, for the next thirteen years, until 2025.
It’s last track thru this sign (1847-1861) just preceded the American Civil War, and  since life mirrors art perhaps there is no mistake that this year’s hit movie “THE HELP” is sweeping the awards. 
In the movie, descendants of slaves in the Deep South  during the 60’s Civil Right’s era, tell their stories to  an enlightened white girl, who clearly goes against the silent rules of southern WASP culture by writing them into a book — which becomes a  hit.
This move of Neptune, combined with the Uranus Pluto square, coming back into focus, might explain in part the radical upheaval of oppressive world governments, and  reminiscent of the 60’s, police are removing Occupiers instead of Anti War demonstrators.
Mercury entering Pisces on the 14th can bring visionary thoughts or else become just plain unrealistic, in any case logic is overlooked.

There is good news for  Feb 18, 19 birthdays who will receive some benevolent aspects from Venus this weekend, The Moon and Mars collaborate nicely, while  Jupiter and Pluto are moving into a close connection again. It’s a sensitive emotional time but a nice weekend overall.

Saturn’s trine to the Sun helps stabilize and overall, it’s a great time to launch a project or move into a new home.
Then comes the new moon of Feb 20, 21st. The Sun Moon conjunction here with Neptune and Chiron creates a space for powerful  soul searching moments.  deep introspection, and dreams.  It can be a greatly auspicious and inspiring time, especially if this is your birthday, ( 19-22) or else the opposite, a descent into escape, via less desirable routes, like substance or something other. For some, the self examination as to the pain you’re in will find its resolution.
The vedic moon and sun fall together in the sign of the 100 physicians. Shatabisha on the 21st at 2:35 pm PST. Triumph over enemies, being able to discern truth, discovering health remedies, research for the same, all come under this star. We may soon hear about some exciting new medical discoveries. I would not be surprised. 
Tibetans celebrate Losar, on the 22n, , their new year of the Water Dragon, a month later than the Chinese New Year, just one of their many differences. Considered extremely powerful and favorable. There will be many Water Dragon babies born this year in that part of the world, sparking a debate as to the educational system’s ability to handle a future onslaught of Dragon children in overcrowded classes. Their parents are hoping these 2012 offspring will  become persons of stature, valued and respected by their  peers. Western moms, take note, there’s still time.
The ten days leading up to this new moon, referred to as “the Don” days, are useful for clearing out and cleaning up psychologically to prepare for the new beginnings. Watery moons like this are also good days for planting.
As for your personal moon, should it fall in early Pisces , you may even experience an inspirational event, for example, the birth of a baby. Early Scorpio and Cancer moons will receive a nice touch of this magic wand as well.  Should your rising sign fall in early Pisces, perhaps a sense of confusion, a ‘which way do I turn’ element enters  into things.
February 23d, some sharp words can be thrown out so be careful you aren’t the sender.
February 24, 25 the moon in Aries connection to feisty Uranus and square Pluto intensifies whatever the stress you were experiencing anyway, but breakthroughs do happen this way.
February 27, 28, are great days for making progress with the Taurus moon connection to Jupiter.
The 29th is a leap into a conglomeration of mutable signs, Gemini moon with south node, Virgo Mars, Sun Pisces, lots of changeability, stay flexible not fickle.
Use these better days for accomplishing something more difficult you may have put off.
Power days :4, 6, 7, 12, 16, 17, 21 after 9am PST.
Final Thought: What will the journey of Neptune into dreamy magical Pisces bring in these next thirteen years? Because Neptune rules delusion and fantasy, you might say it’s the true god of Hollywood.
Later in June the 28- 2nd of July are feeling the might of the Pluto opposition and it’s been nothing to take lightly.   Huge life shifts such as loss of parents are common with these aspects.
 March 27-30 babies, a lot is being asked of you, it’s been a very trying and bittersweet time.
December 29th, 30th have been under a tremendous amount of  stress and angst, this will be your year to remember, so much  of major significance in your life,, these aspects won’t occur again in your lifetime.
April 20, 21, October 20, 21, birthdays, Saturn and Jupiter have been opposing each other and sitting on your Sun,. Exhaustion seems to have been your frequent companion, but the planets do move and so will this time period.
April  29, 30, and August 29, 31, birthdays receive the harmonious aspects from Jupiter and Pluto. Good news is just around the corner.
December 2- 5, the Martian energy rattling your inner calm will move away by mid March.