NOVEMBER 2011 ASTROLOGY – Serena Carroll

Surgeons, generals and spies excel under the Scorpio sky, it’s that kind of depth and power which scores the early November election season every two years. When else could they be possibly held? After the first two days’ square involving several inner planets, the wildness and buzz calms down for a minute and we can look ahead to some of the highlights of this month.

This November finds Mars entering Virgo, for 8 months, which is something akin to “When Virgo Ruled the World”– as my double Virgo friend just said to me. This will add a lot of fire to that most organized and practical of signs, will add spark and fire to the interactions and plans of Virgo in the months to come.

We find outer giant Neptune going direct, clearing things up just a bit for those early Pisces birthdays who don’t need any more confusion,. Early Virgo ( August 24-26) birthdays share a similar dilemma, the make or break time just won’t go away. The eclipse cycle returns, with the Moon darkening the Sun at Thanksgiving time, affecting those those aforementioned birthdays along with Nov 23-26, February 20-24, and June 20 to 24, for the next several months.

Venus and Mercury, still tag-teaming each other, make headway into cheery Sagittarius on the 3d., and lightening up those November and March 21 to 26th birthdays, for a few days anyway.

November 4th and 5th sees some mild disillusionment with the quincunx from Venus and Mercury to Jupiter in solid Taurus, no doubt finances need straightening.

Nov 6th moon in Aries with Uranus, brings fire element to the fore and with the Martian vibe combined under Scorpio, should this be your birthday, you may need to ”suit up” for the ring, just to keep ahead of the many challenges presenting themselves. Some of this fire can be exciting, like the part where the moon trines Venus and Mercury making for powerful emotional moments where strong love bonds can be expressed.

The bigger picture shows Mars approaching an exact opposition to Neptune, and whenever those two connect in any way, it’s hard to find the truth of a story, or discern what is real. Should yours be an August 17,18, 19, 20th birthday or the opposite side of the year, February 17, 16, 19, 20th, you are in the midst of a dilemma that is not slight, all of this is intensified even more as this combination of war, passion and delusion, collides with the full moon of the 10th.

Oh and what a full moon period it is. Out of the 13 fill moons in 2011, this is one of the most, if not the most, intense of them all. The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus land in the middle of their signs. Where do you have Scorpio and Taurus in your own chart? This will tell you what areas are most activated for the next 28 days.

The Sabian symbol description of this degree, ”new lands rising” present us with a metaphor for a new day and new era. The planets closest to the Sun, Venus and Mercury, ignite an earlier (June 1) eclipse degree, and there won’t be a shred of calm on the emotional seas today.

The moon in early Taurus on the 9t, conjoins Jupiter, nice, on the cusp of the dramatic Full Moon of the 10th.
The Vedic (Hindu) definition of the Sun shining in the segment of Scorpio called “Vishaka”, calls for endurance and durability which will be needed to calm the The Taurean moon. The lunar position falling in the star "Bahrani", meaning ‘the womb’ can be explosive at times with its creative and primal needs. Yes I do mean that.

Do you have a Sun, Venus, Moon or Mars in that part of mid Taurus (May 4,5,6,7,8 birthdays ) Have kleenex and a fire extinguisher nearby you’ll probably need both.

Full moon parties, especially one at this time, won’t, let me say, be boring. I hope if you have a birthday around November 10 or 11, that you will be prepared for the many surprises in the year ahead. With Neptune going direct the same time that Mars enters Virgo, expect definite strong events and decisions to come out of the gloaming of the past few months. You may not entirely like the form they take.

Three celestial bodies move into direct motion at this exact time: Ceres, the Earth mother, Chiron, the Wounded healer in early Pisces, and Neptune, which only adds to the power of this moon period. It’s a little like trying to catch a falling comet.
Full moons bring events to the surface where matters can be “seen”. Now is that time, when so much is needing to be decided, that serious changes will happen, and just as we step onto the widely heralded 11-11-11.

What can that mean? Elevens, like all double numbers, 22,, 33, 44 etc, are considered “master” numbers with strong metaphysical connotations of “higher” mind, and a spiritual path . Eleven is the number of the High Priestess in the Tarot and gamblers consider it lucky. Eleven is also a common winning lottery number.

It is of course Armistice Day, or Veteran’s Day, which marked the end of the “Great War”, World War I, whose loss of life exceeded that of all other wars. And riding on the tail of the intense lunation, I would expect some finality and most likely an announcement of some major impact.

December 4th and 5th birthdays will be experiencing some positive moments mid month, specifically the 11th to 14th, when their star is held high, and however brief, it is an important time for them to feel confident and seen.

As for the early June Gemini twins across the sky, the south node crossing their suns might make them question their skills and accomplishments, silly of them since they can reinvent themselves anytime.

The 15th, with moody Cancerian moon opposing distant but all powerful Pluto and snagging Uranus in a square, can bring some clashing moments into the scene, which is exacerbated later by the square to Saturn the next day, This is usually a call for obligations and debts, both literal and metaphorical, to be repaid. Birthdays at this time pay attention.

Happier times coincide with the weekend of November 19th, when the moon in Virgo lines up with harmoniously with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. Whew, for just a minute things run smoothly. Enjoy this time with friends and family.

Scorpio, the least understood of the 12 signs, being born into intensity, has a fierce to the death type of loyalty, which the accumulation of Scorpio planets in one’s chart only amplifies.

Scorpio babies, must be handled carefully, their sensitivity nurtured and kept safe from emotional damage which can ‘bend the twig” of their natures early on.

November 22nd, 23d the Saturn sextile Venus and should bring some light moments to those June 15 and February 15 birthdays. Sorry for those Librans near the 16-19 of October since you have Saturn riding very close to your Sun. I offer sympathy for your sense of being crushed by responsibility or that cold that won’t go away. This is also true if your moon sign and degree is with 19 to 24 Libra. It’s been nasty but the great thing about studying astrology is that you can see the planets moving and how things change with time– and create new situations in charts and lives.

On the 23d, the Sun enters Sagittarius and Mercury turns retrograde, in Sagittarius, which can talk talk talk, as it drags slowly over the Dec 9, 10, 11 birthdays, activating that verbal rush and then going backwards! Mercury in fire and air do fine, it’s when it gets waterlogged or rootbound in earth that it presents more problems. I try not to travel under a retrograde day or worse an eclipse day, even now at Thanksgiving time, the highest travel time of the year! Try to avoid it if you can and wait a day or two on either side.

The early Sagittarian eclipse of Thanksgiving, today, 10:10 pm PST, occurring in that section called Anuradha (A Scorpio-Sagittarian location in the sky), brings hope in that the deeper mysteries of the Universe being delved into, can bring light on what has been unseen, and allow for goals to be realized. It is slightly optimistic for a solar event that usually is not that cheerful. It calls for discipline, organization, and inclines towards a familiarity with numbers and classification. This should bring some assistance to the markets in the three months to follow. A square from Venus, planet of love and attraction to Uranus Saturday, could add to the general impulsivity and tension of these last three days.

If your birthday is today, the third week of February, or near the 24th of May. you really need to pay attention to some important matters, well like health, Get that check up soon, don’t put it off. The element of disagreements and dissension is in place; some things are unavoidable and events in mid April 2012 will most likely activate this planetary set up. But there is also an excitement factor, new paths to be walked upon, and doorways opened for you.

The month ends with the moon and Venus into Capricorn on the 27th, charming Pluto just a bit and sending a harmonious angle to Jupiter, nice. This is comforting and even romantic, if only for a short time, also helpful for financial and business matters. Lucky you if that’s your Moon or Venus degrees ( early in Taurus, Capricorn). If your birthday is on December 26-28, some happy relief, for just a moment, from the heaviness that Uranus and Pluto have brought into your house for the past year, there is just enough calm on Sunday of the holiday weekend, to enjoy the fire, a good book and company.
Gratitude finally arrives, if only for the mildness of the 28th to 30th, after last week’s thunderball eclipse. Savor those creative and imaginative moments, on November’s last with the rest of that pumpkin pie.