August Astro Update

Named for the Emperor Augustus, the name of all emperors after Octavian took the name for himself in a gesture of grandiosity that is not lost on regal Leo, his month–August– is here.

Coincidentally the Muslim month of Ramadan starts on the first with Jupiter square the Sun, an indication of some inflation, and over indulgence needing to be reigned in.

The month really began with the new moon of July 30th and those aspects, early in Leo, are still in effect, whichever area that covers in your life.

 There is a sharp little quincunx, difficult relation between Venus and Pluto today as well, so little needles of aggravation will be felt on this the beginning of the month. The Debt ceiling? Raised? Lowered? FAA shutdown? Unemployment numbers? Stock market decline? I In a slight contrast to these seemingly harsh edges, Venus throws a nice angle to Uranus, bringing a slight whisper of romance in the air for early fire  sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) suns and moons. Especially if you born in later July, 24-29th, a momentary beacon of light shines on your path.

The first two days should see some positive activity and then late on the 2d, Mercury stops in its tracks, still sextile to Mars. Can you sign that contract now?  Before Mercury and begins it’s retrograde motion? The relation to Pluto is strong and helpful here, for a minute, anyway.
The Mercury retrograde occurring in Virgo, where it is most at home, will slide backwards and re-enter Leo on the 8th. Vedically  the retrograde begins with the Moon and Mercury in Magha, on the 3d,  a star signifying connection to the ancestors among other things, and then slides back into Ashlesha. This nakshatra or sign, covering most most of Leo,  is a star represented by the twining serpents, a healing symbol like the caduceus or the double helix of the DNA strands –  a great time for psychological and spiritual introspection and a calling up of healing forces This is the deeper side to Leo that is often overlooked.

Once again we have to re-acquaint ourselves with the introspective  and research inducing qualities that these retrogrades of the hermaphroditic communication planet can bring. Of course, we should know by now not to embark upon or sign serious legal or business contracts for these 21 days, or else to try to work around it if possible. Travel will be interrupted plans changed, cancelled. Rather
this is a time to re-edit, research, and fine tune.

Aug 5, Friday, has several strong elements, not the least of which, the moon in Scorpio,  will  provide some assistance to that devil of a square. It’s a powerful day for sure.

There is such a big change with Mars moving from verbose and witty  Gemini to moody, introspective Cancer on the 3d…Such a difference 3 days makes, that it would be best to get as much done before the weekend , and then hold back as the grid between Mars, Uranus and Pluto moves overhead, creating all sorts of obstacles and delays, most prominently on the 8th, 9th.,when the moon in Capricorn forms a grand cross with the Mars, Uranus and  Pluto and Neptune opposes Mercury!  

Avoid arguments and dissension of any sort, it ‘s a highly combustible and confusing energy. Mars in Cancer’s security fears, never thinking he has enough, will only be exacerbated by this square.

The birthdays most vulnerable to some harsh situations now are the 22-27 of Dec, Sept, March and July. Should your moon or rising  be at 3 to 7 degrees of Cap, Libra, Aries or Cancer, then you are in the eye of this tiger as well.
We are in a time of revolutionary change, as mentioned before, with our established structures undergoing sweeping changes, affecting previously stable  areas of health, government, finance until 2015.

In spite of the aforementioned  clash between  planets overhead, there is a nice pleasing element approaching with  if you are a mid to later Rising, Sun, or Moon in Leo.  The triple conjunction in Leo of Sun, Venus and Mercury running a threesome from the 14th to the 20th creates a certain fiery charge enabling you to be “seen”—and we know how Leos like that attention. And Leo moons in these degrees mid sign (sometimes called the big baby moon) you too!

On the 4th, Neptune slides back into Aquarius for the final time, after a 14 yr ride through the sign of high tech communication. What visionary innovations have occurred in these past 14 years. Whoever heard of an ipod, or ipad in 1997?  
And now, with inspirational Neptune moving into its home territory of Pisces, what can we expect but waves of brilliant ideas in the arts, most finding their way to the screen as Neptune is considered the planet of the film industry. There is a spiritual quality to Neptune as well, and a new dimension or sweeping changes in religious and spiritual traditions shouldn’t surprise us.

The full moon of the 13TH has Venus very close  to the Sun, and opposing the  Moon in Aquarius .These two opposites have similar traits, and share a need to expose the truth, to do something noble and heroic – and look good while doing it. Leo has an overwhelming sense of himself while the Aquarian nature reaches out in a more transpersonal way.
With full moons, all is seen, all is out in the open, especially if these are highlighting critical degrees in your chart.

Should your birthday fall on  or very close to the full moon of the 13th , 11:56 am (PDT), you will have a powerful solar return, or birthday chart, that brings high energy, and the touch of Venus to add a  romantic quality which holds true for one year.

 The Aquarius Leo Full moon is one of the more powerful of the 13 lunar moons a year. It’s a great day for a party, no one will be bored although too much alcohol  may be consumed. Fortunately, a certain balance from Saturn will level the intensity of this moon and bring some sobriety to the scene.
By Aug 20th to 22nd, with the Sun and Venus opposing Neptune, and  Mars moving into a difficult degree, we see a lead up to some conflicts as the war planet moves toward a square to Saturn, and in peak hurricane season as well.

It’s a less than harmonious moment for July, Jan, Oct and April 3,4,5,6 birthdays as it activates 2 previous eclipses. Difficult moments are unavoidable sometimes, although the July and January birthdays listed, receive some help from beneficent Jupiter.

Frustration is in the air, and compromise is called for so better to take a Zen approach and allow the malefic energy to pass with a “do not push the river” attitude. This is why it’s so helpful to know the “Big Three”-Moon, Sun and rising signs and degrees of your own chart.
Between the 24th and 28th, the combination of Chiron and  Neptune set off against the Virgo new moon, may well dredge up deep seated  sensitive issues  especially if your birthday is between these dates or else Feb 20 to 24.

On the 26th, Mercury slows to stationary motion, before going direct, and  along with the moon close in Leo, adds strength to transportation and communication although it must be handled carefully due to other factors in the sky.

The new moon in Virgo on the 28th, 8:04 pm (PDT) blends with a nice trine to Pluto and Jupiter and presents a lovely opportunity for stability and harmony. How fortunate to have a birthday at this time.

The aspects on your birthday are very important, because they speak to the pattern of your year ahead, known as a Solar Return chart. All the wonderful qualities of Virgo coalesce in this lunar event, with its pragmatic attention to healthy living and eating,  All take place under the truly regal star Magha, one of the best placements in the Vedic sky.  Should your Sun or Moon or rising dwell in these early degrees of Virgo, or Taurus, lucky for you!  Stability and  emotional support are yours right now. This is very helpful for the house, or area of life, which Virgo inhabits in your chart. Now, finally is the perfect time for getaways and breaks, even beginning new projects. All’s well that ends well.