July Astro Update

July arrives under the shadow of what is being referred to as the ‘penguin solar eclipse’ because it will only be visible in Antarctica, allowing only the penguins to see it (I hope they wore sunglasses).

This eclipse, the third in the recent eclipse cycle, is set in a square pattern to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, which makes it a less than happy event. The good news here is that this is a partial, not a total eclipse. So a note of caution is advised here for those born in the early days of July, January, April and October.

This is a mixed blessing which will add strength to projects and new beginnings for early March and November birthdays.  After this, we have a break for several months from these conflicting  eclipse  dynamics. A solar eclipsein a deeply emotional space like Cancer encourages us to stay in a contemplative interior place and recognize how we feel. The Vedic star ruling the eclipse is called Ardra, symbolized by the tear drop, so yes, emotionality is in the picture in a big way.

Because the birthday of our nation, July 4th, falls so close to the eclipse, it forms a square to Saturn, which will affect the United States’ Sun, hindering connections with our friends abroad, our “identity” as a nation, and any financial progress, at least in the short term. Things will improve shortly thereafter, and by July 5th to the 8th, Mars will set off an earlier eclipse point in Gemini, which will motivate and energize many individuals, or encourage work on a special project, most especially for early June birthdays. These will be dynamic and helpful days.

Uranus has been almost at a standstill and goes retrograde on July 9th. It will be squared off to Pluto for many months ahead. This is an ongoing square painting the backdrop of the present era and certainly describing the larger trends at hand which are quite revolutionary in nature.  The bigger picture shows that we are in for great shifts in banking, government, and healthcare. On a more personal note, late December, September, and March birthdays are recipients of this blockage, which could bring health challenges for you or your mate, and possibly a lawsuit.

Leading up to the full moon mid-month, July 10th and 11th hold promising aspects. These are great days to plan or start something.

Mercury stays direct after that, going from Cancer and racing into Virgo by month’s end. It forms a close sextile to Mars almost the entire time, which will energize communications in related areas (the internet, etc.) for most of the month. The full moon of the 15th sees Mars trine Saturn, which will be very helpful for creating and building ideas as well as houses.

The full moon resides in the segment of Capricorn known as “Uttara Shada,” penetrative and intensive, a star that causes one to be admired and applauded.  Because of the familial nature of Cancer, connecting with the family clan at this time is important while the moon, here in its polar opposite, shines in a more business-oriented direction. Trying to balance home and family with work and career is the dilemma here. Should your birthday fall on the 13th, 14th or 15th of July or January, expect a dynamic year ahead with accolades but also some restrictions on the wallet. November and March 15thand 16th  birthdays as well should revel in the electric vibes this weekend brings.

The Sun enters Leo on the 23rd, bringing more fire and dynamism into the scene. By the third week of July between the 22nd and 26th, the tight connection from Mars to the south node will bring certain events of a destined nature to those where this pattern lands in their charts. 

Those with June 13th to15th birthdays will feel this energy in a big way, so be careful not to overreact or go overboard with your great verbal skills, dear Gemini. I would not be surprised to hear of possible violent weather patterns like hurricanes, storms, or the emotional equivalent taking place.

If you have a birthday between December 13th and the16th, you may find that now is a supreme moment in your career. This can be the moment you step across the line onto a larger plateau of self worth and appreciation.

The month ends on an uplifting, cheerful note with the Sun and Venus joined in Leo, making a perfect trine to dynamic Uranus. Early Leo, Sagittarius and Aries birthdays should be excited by this. The same applies to early degrees of these same moons, should you know your moon’s degree and sign. These should wind down into happier moments of summertime bliss, at least for a few days under the new moon of Leo, the second, and rare, new moon in the month.