Well now the fun begins, isn’t that always the way with the most entertaining of all, the talented Gemini energy?

Only this month we have two partial eclipses bookending the very first and last day of the month, and a total lunar eclipse midway on June 15.

The ancients were very aware of the impact of these lunar and solar shadows, when the moon covered the sun or shadowed it from across the sky. Eclipses can affect us in very profound ways, the hallmarks of an eclipse day, the degrees and sign locations of the planets, are all underlined, to be referred to again later on in the month or year.

What may seem like slight or seemingly insignificant events, occurring on eclipse days, may turn out to be quite important later on in the same year. For this reason, watch carefully what you do or say on these days. Avoid travel if possible.

The June 1 solar eclipse event will take place at 2:03 p.m. PDT featuring the sun moon connection in trine Saturn, which is helpful. If your birthday should fall on this day, or very close to it, it will be a year ahead marked by the strength of Saturn with help from the Lights (sun and moon).  The nature of Gemini is changeable and mutable, so be prepared for ideas to fly through and plans to shift on a whim.

This being said, the month starts off rather pleasantly with a Mars and Venus conjunction in Taurus, emphasizing thoughts of beauty and romance as well as a strong financial component.

On June 4, Jupiter enters earth and abundance-loving Taurus for a year. This should help to stabilize finances, and especially when it moves up to trine Pluto over the summer months.

Under the Vedic sky, this solar event occurs in Rohini, the favorite wife of the 27 wives of Chandra, the moon god. Rohini, a component of Gemni, is said to be sweet of speech, kind in thought, loving fine adornments, which should be a wonderful moment for bringing forth something new into creation.

The question is: where does this eclipse in Gemini fall in your own chart?  Which house, or area of your life, because it will be highly energized for sure.

Should you have a May 10, 11 or 12 birthday, the connection of Mars and Venus in Taurus early in the month should bring good news, and the same holds true for September and January 10 to 12 birthdays during this 4-day period.

Of course there are several elements to consider, and it’s never quite as simple as “your sun is in…”

The eclipse will not be seen over the major part of the Western Hemisphere. It will only be visible over a small part of the very northern latitudes, the top of Canada, a small part of Alaska, and some of Asia, but primarily Siberia.

On June 8,Mercury activates the environment with more intense communicating and shortly after, on the 9th, Venus enters the Gemini picture to add her qualities of fun, play, gossip and flirtation.  Chiron turns backwards at this time in early Pisces and along with the mental cast to this period in general, it asks for introspection and insight into deeper problems. This adds up to a high power day culminating with Saturn going direct on Sunday the 12th.

I always love days close to direct motion from major planets–that energy moving forward can bring some nice rewards, like commission checks landing on one’s desk. 

Saturn stays in Libra, his most favored place, until September of 2012. Where does the planet of responsibility, discipline and karma land in your chart? Where is Libra?  This is where his influence will be felt most strongly.

Added to this, on June 12 and 13, the Sun and Mercury’s tight connection (said to ‘burn’ the other) really amplifies the electrical nature and hyper e-world we live in now. Mercury wins this one and fast communication again reigns.

The June 15 total lunar eclipse emits an entirely different force field. All ghosts come out of the closet with these energies, and words are spoken that might be better left unsaid. There are a couple of trigger points activated that day and with the eclipse moon in a fractious segment of Vedic Sagittarius, called Moola, its best to beware of verbal collisions. The saving grace is that the ascendant of the eclipse falls into a section of Virgo that is helpful and concerned with the needs of others.

The pole of Gemini, with its charming and sometimes indiscriminate tendencies, and its opposite, often rigid in its viewpoints, Sagittarius, lands across some meridian in each chart. Should it be on your rising sign, then great relationship emphasis will ensue, or on the very highest point, the mid-heaven (your place in the world), issues about home versus career will see action.  Venus will activate the action of the June 1 eclipse and will add a brighter note to the intensity of this day.  June 14 and 16 are close enough to share in the eclipse rays.

Moving closer to the 18thand 19th, Father’s Day, there is a potent ‘T’ square involving Mercury, Uranus and Pluto. The verbal skills of Gemini must hold back the sword’s edge.  At the very least, problems with cars may arise but the bigger issue is the square itself which underscores the entire period for another four years. This brings up serious issues such as climate change and global transitions of power, banking structures and health care. The ongoing square pattern of Uranus and Pluto, continuing until 2015, is a marker for this era, creating life changes and upheavals for those Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra birthdays at the very beginning of the month. As time moves ahead, the birthdays most affected will shift to later in their respective signs. More is to come on this in future columns.

The Summer Solstice of June 21always coincides with the Sun moving into Cancer; and today, combined with a Pisces moon, matters of heart and emotion begin to take precedence over sheer mentality. The opposition from Pluto and square from Uranus most affect birthdates on the 23rd, 24th, 25thand 26thof June. This could mean power struggles or issues that demand your utmost patience. These obstacles, seemingly huge at the time, are character builders and set the stage for something new.

We are always seeking balance and homeostasis in this existence of ours, and overcoming these challenges makes that possible.

A pleasant aspect involving the Moon and Venus on the 27, 28 and 29 will bring beauty and harmony back for a few days.

The month edges down towards another eclipse, this time in the watery cave of maternal Cancer, on July 1.  The energies here will be dynamic to say the least, and will encourage a complete change in thought patterns and structures that have really needed changing all along.

I am often asked to come up with the best dates for new businesses or deals and of course, new births, as pre-arranged by Caesarian section. An increasing number of the births are being done this way with 32% of births in U.S. now reported to be performed by C-section. The only glitch is when the doctor’s office has their own ideas about when to schedule the delivery. If you’re about to welcome a new baby, I suggest aiming for later in the morning when the Sun is high in the sky, if possible. But sometimes a new soul decides to come in when it will, and there’s no stopping destiny!