It’s April and not for fools or the faint of heart will this particular season of the season of…

It’s April and not for fools or the faint of heart will this  particular season of the season of the Ram be.

The Sun on the first day has a conflict with the underworld king, Pluto, and the moon hangs in a specific slice of Pisces seen as a place of impermanence . That aspect, symbolized by a funeral bed,  Purva Ashada ,is not an especially auspicious beginning but a reminder that all things will continue to change over time.

Mercury, the planet of communication, having already turned retrograde on March 30, will add its moments of frustration  and miscommunication  into the weekend of the New Moon, of the 3d. This moon, joining with Jupiter exactly, lands in a segment of Aries/Pisces called “Revati” in  the Vedic texts. This star makes the classic Piscean connection to the feet, so walking away, taking action, saying what you’ve been thinking, all makes sense because it’s a time for Action.

Lining up together under the banner of the Warrior God Mars, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter create a charge of fiery energy and on the 3d,  with the additional tight connection of Mars and Uranus – there will be no breaks in sight for many people  as the element of water moves into  that of fire. “Onward Soldiers” could be the mantra for this period, as the pioneering energy in charge isn’t looking back from the mission at hand. 

Fortunately there is a kind and  nurturing quality to  the moon’s movement into  Revati  at the new moon, which will add a little balance, So philanthropy and unconditional love can make a brief stand in these two days.

Should your birthday land on or near  April 3, 4,5,6,  or in October of any birth year on those same dates,  you might feel a nuclear charge to your activities. You have the Tsquare between Jupiter , Saturn and Mars to thank. The same goes for July 2,3,4,5,6, dates, and  same  in January, who will also feel pushed and pulled in two directions, which way to go? An overwhelming feeling of frustration ensues but the urge to resolve things will prevail and  eventually succeed.

 I mention these Vedic stars (nakshatras as they’re known) along with our more commonly known Western or Tropical signs, because it adds another layer of information, and plus we all share the same sky.

These “lunations”, that is, the new and full moon times, also the eclipses, mark the significant points in the month and “set” as it were, the energies for the next 14 days.

There is no doubt that with this big swing of five planets into new signs we are watching a new world order taking shape. This is an ongoing discussion and way too big for just a single month’s observations. I am especially watchful of the Middle East and in fact  this particular new moon finds Jupiter and the Sun and Moon facing off with Saturn, which makes for a fairly conflicted set of circumstances. The eruptions going off in North Eastern Africa  like a chain of  IED’s, are due to planet of the common man, Saturn,  demanding his fair share of the wealth, if not just a decent living wage and living conditions from the reigning oligarch, Jupiter, with whom he is at war.

The main concern for April is that the eclipse of January 4this being set off by all of these connections, it’s how the year started, and now we are seeing the game plan unfold as it were.

The coming months all the way into  2015 will find Pluto in sharp conflict to Uranus, not a restful or peaceful  situation,  so that we are only  just seeing the beginning of a series of  disruptive events merely including  the overthrow of repression across our planet but

there will be more discussion on these themes in months to come.

Reading about all of these aspects will hopefully shed some light onto this tableaux of upheaval and destruction and uncertainty that we are seeing and hearing every day. The gift of the Arian energy  this month is that it can hold its principles and plans aloft and head into the foray knowing what it needs to do.

On the 5th, Neptune crosses the border into the waterworld of Pisces,  its own home which it hasn’t seen since 1862. At this moment, and  in a  gentle contrast to all the War Gods, Venus, Chiron and Ceres, the mother Earth goddess, all line  up with Neptune in early Pisces to exude some aura of spirituality  and transcendence onto the scene. Neptune will remain in Pisces for fourteen years so there will be more to say on the  creative and spiritual  (and possibly pharmaceutical) ,effects which are bound to impact the culture. Many  of the more fortunate  early  Pisces fish will experience moments of spiritual liberation with this.

April 9thPluto goes into retrograde motion for about 6 months, which happens every year. I always watch the days of significant retrogrades carefully, and try not to expect too much. Introspection and care for the Self is a  helpful theme here. Dec 26, 27, 28, 29 birthdays take note. This is a life altering time for you.  You can expect to move , change careers, or at the least, undergo a huge emotional /spiritual  transformation.

Birthdays ranging between April, July, October and January 2ndto 7th,  planets or ascendant degrees anywhere from 11 to 16  of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra all will fall under the same description of the push-me-pull-you forces.

You all  will be dealing with the square of Saturn to Jupiter to Mars.

What does that mean? 

Should trouble have been brewing, or an untenable situation festering, you can safely assume it will manifest in all its flashy drama at the time around the full moon of April 17th. And yes we tend to love Libra moons for their ability to calm and appease however we  can’t ignore the  conjunction of Mercury and Mars both opposing  Saturn and fraught with tension, all of which are dead on the trigger point of the last  eclipse . A high detonation point if you wish.

  The star Saraswati, ( still a Libra quality) a refined  goddess of learning and culture appears on the 18thto lift the veil to a higher place.  Passover will be celebrated  then and those prayers and rites could  harmonize the  more conflicting  aspects.

Eclipses are generally looked upon for global meanings but I always check to see where they land in a person’s chart. Should your birthday occur close to this time  or within a couple of days on either side of one, wear a helmet, since in most cases you can expect a year ahead with all sorts of issues to be ironed out. Decisions made now could be borne out of great conflict and have far reaching results.

The USA chart ,Sun in Cancer 13 degrees on July 4th, reveals it is experiencing another Saturn return, (happens every 29 years) and our our present Saturn return coincides with an opposition to Jupiter,

The sign of Real Estate woes, and yes it will be cyclical, it always is.

Most importantly  for us, it’s a financial message of utmost urgency .

Think back 29 and  a half years ago  and compare the scarcity of credit , which  is similar today.   Although interest rates are abnormally low where they were impossibly high at 19 and 20 % then.. the  tight economic hardship. Has come back around for the US  to grapple with and find resolution to grow and move forward.

Will we see more jobs or full economic recovery soon? I doubt it. Recession and inflation still remaining? You bet. Our present Saturn lands right in this planetary grid of economic constriction.

The only  sliver of light around this time comes on the 18th, tax day, when  Mars – Saturn connection can be very handy at fixing  and repairing things and  so this would be a good time to rewrite, to fix and correct. (This is due to the addition of Mercury). 

I am always so impressed with clients I see who have risen above the difficult aspects set for them at birth in the sky overhead, only to watch them become stronger and more confident as a result of having overcome the obstacles. For many this month’s aspects will set off  some of these types of challenges, and once again these individuals will need to call upon their inner resources to overcome. I have full confidence in their ability to succeed.

 A slight change for the better arrives with Easter weekend , when Venus and Uranus connect on April 22nd, April 23d ..It will be  a breakthrough couple of days indeed with Mercury stopping into stationary motion before going direct. As Mercury shifts course into forward motion, the slight glitches in travel plans or technical matters seem to occur more often, but do get ironed out quickly in a day or so.

There will be a brief  welcome reprieve  to lift the spirits when the Sun enters earth loving Taurus on  Earth Day , April 22nd.

How great to be born with a Sun or Moon or Ascendant degree in early Taurus, because this is the year when Jupiter  will enter this sign and  link with Pluto to favor all your dreams and ambitions. This will help early Taurus and  birthdays around  August 21-27 and  December 21-27.

The Libran quadrant inhabited by Saturn speaks to relationship suffocation and the face off with Jupiter accentuates the need for freedom , so that dynamic is still being worked out, and should improve by the end of April when the overwhelming Aries team supercedes what Saturn is holding back.

 Mars and Jupiter meeting in 21 Aries at the end of the month ,along with Venus and  Mercury matching up, produces a very harmonious arrangement lending  a much calmer feeling to a very explosive month. Should this be your Sun or rising degree you might run a marathon or plan this time to make an important presentation. The urge for physical action,  exercise, movement, dancing, and all sorts of playing fit well in here.  The urge to do these things will be so strong. Always use the aspects to the best of your ability, is my belief.

Should you desire to know more about how these events will affect your specific planets and chart, my contact information is listed here.