March 2011 ASTROLOGY

March begins on an almost quiet note with six planets in Pisces (the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury) all in the sign of the double fishes swimming in opposite directions. Confusion has arrived at the very least.

Neptune, ruler of the cosmic seas, reigns supreme now. The new moon on the fourth aligns perfectly with Mars accentuating those early March birthdays with steam (fire and water together). Way milder than the previous month, this new moon is probably the least explosive of all the 13 new moon lunations of the year.

Vedic sages construe the star Shatabisha, overseer of this lineup, or the “100 physicians,” to be the healer and bringer of medicines. It is a secretive nakshatra (house) with a reclusive nature. It is watery and circular, a container of that which holds and protects. This is a time for seeking quiet interior Zen-like spaces. At its best, one can attain the highest states of spiritual inspiration, or else the polar opposite can appear: an escape into a false world of illusions fueled by substance or delusion, can take over. It’s a choice.

On another more practical note, since water (Pisces) and air (technology) don’t mix well; don’t be surprised if you are experiencing big problems with your computers, iphones or other digital accoutrements.  Technology and communication matters can become very muddied right now (no coincidence that Google just lost 150,000 of its customers’ email logs).

These are perfect days for retreat and renewal– even taking a break from all the e-friends on social networking sites.

Just the Chiron and Neptune conjunction alone, in very early Pisces, can produce feelings of wounded-ness, potential loss of faith and trust in those we love. This aspect also comes with a fear of being hurt, emotionally and spiritually. A sense of injustice, of being forsaken by the gods combined with a self sacrificial attitude, where no good deed goes unpunished, all typify this combination. It’s especially huge should your birthday fall between Feb 19 and 23. The addition of Mars these few days early in the month, amplify it even more. Where in the world is collective sacrifice being called for? Neptune this close to one’s natal Sun often brings situations that are unclear, and cloudy to say the very least.

However, these aspects in early March can also bring oceanic changes in the subconscious strata for those with early Pisces birthdays or early degrees of Pisces rising.  Aspected positively by this pair will be those with early Scorpio and early Cancer birthdays. This can inspire and illuminate, and compel one into great creativity. Add this to the fact of five planets changing signs; we are at the doorway of a newer phase of existence here on earth. But more on that to come.

Deepak Chopra recently commented on how such a large number of people are moving away from their traditional childhood faiths and traditions and leaning towards spiritual practices that are not necessarily religious.  This is a prime example of what Neptune will do in its own sign of Pisces for the next 14 years. People are craving spiritual sustenance not found in the usual places.

When one can be lifted up and out of this sense of malaise, then the opposite pole can be reached, the higher place, reached through prayer and meditation, deep centeredness, oneness with spirit, and unconditional love. Quite a range from dejected self abnegation to the highest forms of unconditional love. But this is what can happen. It depends upon who the soul is. This is a time when dreams can show the conscious mind what lies beneath the surface, illuminating those dark places underneath. These themes will predominate for much of this year and next (for the appropriate birthdays) as the teaming of Chiron with Neptune moves on into Pisces.

The entrance of Mercury and Uranus into Aries on March 8, 9, and 10 bring a welcome zing to the picture. The duo together can produce works of brilliance intensified as the days progress by the addition of benevolent Jupiter.  This lasts for about six days.

A Gemini moon makes an entrance late on the 10,and everyone loves that cheerful Gemini vibe, tending to make March 11 a very uplifting day, with the Vedic moon termed “Rohini,” favorite wife of the moon (he had several), and in perfect harmony to Venus–I really like this day! Also, we have the return of Uranus into Aries, which will indicate some action of the Mars planets. Did Apple have an astrologer on staff to arrange for March 11 to be the first entry date for its iPad 2?

On Sunday, March 13, the moon in Cancer forms a square to Uranus and Pluto which can shatter illusions of safety. At least the stock market isn’t open then. The Uranus square Pluto aspect is generational and huge and will be discussed at length later. This is merely the beginning and has already affected some early Capricorn rising and Suns, and also early Aries, or early Cancer and Libra. There will be health issues for many with their Suns or rising sings under this grid. Unavoidable life changes are up for many.  People move away to other cities, change careers, partners etc, under a Pluto transit. It is never something light.

Exactly mid-month, the famous Ides of March, finds Mercury and Jupiter in the same degree of Aries–so who wins? I think Mercury. Information will be clearly delivered. Do you have an early August, December or April birthday? This could highlight and bring some welcome activity for you during these days.

The Moon of March 19, at 12 noon PT, has Mars trine the July 11 eclipse degree of 19 Cancer. The Virgo moon, and placed in Uttara Phulgani in Vedic, is a kindly and generous moon, concerned with the welfare of those less fortunate. It is also a star that is considered fortunate in the handling of money.

Should your ascendant degrees range from 25 Pisces to very early Aries, then this full moon will accentuate the relationship and partnership part of your chart. Expect some action, changes, and surprises there. Boredom won’t be your lot in life during these next few weeks.

Here’s where knowing your personal chart can be really helpful. We are also at the spring Equinox point, 4:21 pm on Sunday, March 20. Talk about intensity!

It will be a strong period for sure with the Sun going into Aries and meeting up with Uranus–ouch for some, and buckle up for a exciting and maybe eccentric ride for others. It could cause some shakeups around the world. The Moon and Saturn meet, all the players (planets close to earth and sun) are in the field interacting right now. Should this be your birthday time, at the Vernal Equinox, expect a very thrilling year ahead, maybe too thrilling? Aries is the pioneer spirit who forges ahead and carves new paths for others to follow.

So different is the latter part of March as compared to earlier in the month.

The Sun squares Pluto late in the month, and Jupiter squares off with the underworld god (Pluto) early in the month. Therefore late Sept, Dec, Jun and March 9 (25thto the 30thto be exact) birthdays may experience certain blockages. Those birthdays will have to tread a careful path under this planetary grid. Serious obstructions may need legal or medical attention.

March 25 to 29 brings a curious combination of Mars and Moon aggravation early on Friday, then intensity on the 26, a rather mixed up day. Venus and Neptune meet in Aquarius, whose romantic possibilities improve over the next few days culminating in a nice addition of the moon on the 28 and 29. Feb 18 to 20 birthdays can expect a nice wave of indulgence here. 

Mercury goes retrograde on almost the last day, March 30. There is so much discussion around this issue, where to begin? I think the first day of the retrograde raises a small warning flag to plans, because it has a grinding motion which adds to confusion and a mix up of plans and information. I try not to make big purchases, like buying a house or car, for example. I would wait it out. Sometimes it isn’t that simple, so when in escrow on a house once, I waited until Mercury went direct (20 to 21 days later) to sign off on the inspections. It worked out very well. We have three Mercury retrogrades in a year. No planetary body actually goes backwards, it only seems so as it traces a path, like a race track, an oval shape, on the elliptic, as the earth and sun move ahead. Mercury in Aries has some dynamism and mental acuity, so this one doesn’t bother me very much as the Mercury retrogrades in water signs might.

And as for the combination of work-driven Saturn opposing genial Jupiter, I think it’s productive, as tension energizes one to accomplish great things.