"Gung shi fat Tsai" or "Congratulations and Get Rich"

  “Gung shi fat Tsai,” or “Congratulations and Get Rich,” is a Mandarin saying most appropriate to welcome the February 2011  Chinese New Year: the Year of  the Rabbit  (or Cat, in Vietnamese astrology).

Rabbit people are generally said to be reserved, have excellent taste, and hardly lose their temper. They are kind, tend to be conservative–a real contrast to the Tigers of the previous year.

The new moon on February 3is marking the lunar New Year; which, when conjoined with Mars, ignites a fairly explosive beginning to the year.  Having Mars, the warrior God, this close to the sun for the first two-thirds of the month creates a combustible aspect, setting off fire and electricity in many parts of the world as well as in private and personal worlds.  Words and actions can be very dangerous and combative here. Venus square to Uranus early in February just adds more fuel to the disruptive elements in the collective psyche.

February will start like a fire engine and end in the ocean.

What is so unusual about this month is the number of planets in Aquarius; yes it’s the water bearer, but it’s also the conduit of electromagnetic waves and the cyber waves of the internet (and here we are with the movie the “Social Network” as the hot talk of the Oscars).  As is always the case, one’s personal chart has to be laid out and inspected to see the house position of Aquarius and therefore what area of one’s life this highlights (knowing your rising sign would be every bit as helpful in providing additional insights). However, there is a huge rush of energy taking place, and hardly anyone will be able to avoid it.

Probably the best time of the month, generally-speaking, falls mid-month from the 12th to the 15th, and not just because the 14th is a Big Heart Day. Venus is aspecting the prior solar eclipse of January 4, around mid-month, which will probably help settle matters in Egypt as well as in many private hearts and minds.

The full moon of February 19 will be one of the more intense full moons of 2011 due to the proximity of the moon to the earth–this type of moon termed “perigee” due to  its closeness to earth and the affect it will have on weather patterns and tides.  The past six full moons have taken place in the 29th degree, or the moon’s final or anorectic degree. The numerous, consecutive moons falling in this exact degree indicates a significant series of endings and changes both globally and individually. You might feel as if you are finally closing old life chapters and beginning new ones.  Venus is also squaring Saturn near this full moon, which could add a certain level of frustration and disappointment.

The moon on the 20th and 21st brings strong deal-making potential. The conjunction of  high-octane Mars coinciding with brilliant Mercury highlights added communications but with the closeness of the planets, you should be wary of destructive words as one could ‘burn’ the other. 

By the 22nd, things even out under a more benign Libra-like placement of the moon in “Sara Swati.”  In the Vedic pantheon, Saraswati is designated as the learning goddess, devoted to the arts and communication, which will allow for a gentler and more encouraging day.

Most extraordinary though, is the fact that in the next couple of months five planets will have, or are just about to change signs. Jupiter is already into Aries, Uranus is almost there, Chiron enters Pisces on Feb 8th until 2018, and Neptune will slide into Pisces on April 5th. The north node of the moon is nearly in Sagittarius. This massive shift will emphasize a pioneering spirit and attitude. For example, Baby Boomers are (in astrological circles) called the “Neptune in Libra” generation: idealistic and intent on changing established mores. The “Neptune in Scorpio” group, which came after, are said to be the revolutionaries in healthcare. Now we will have 14 years of the Neptune in Pisces generation. What comes to mind: water, music, drugs, inspiration, spirituality and entertainment.

With Chiron conjuncting Neptune in early Pisces, our society will begin looking at new types of music, and breakthroughs will be seen in the pharmaceutical industry.  For some, where this magical connection lands exactly, there will be gifts of soul elements that offer healing and inspiration…and of course, as there are higher and lower manifestations to most aspects, the shadow side can show itself with a descent into indulgence, social misconduct and escapist behavior. Many enlightened masters like Einstein and Michelangelo have had this profound soul-making conjunction of Chiron and Neptune. Sometimes, great things happen right in front of our eyes and we don’t even see them. This could be that scenario.

For February birthdays from the 19 to the 23, this conjunction will be crossing your sun from now and for the two years ahead.  This can cause confusing, dreary and wounded feelings, or on the flip side, can mean breakthrough moments of great spiritual awareness. Both are possible. At its highest and best, this combination speaks of a return to source and spirit, of unconditional love, and what is known only in the soul. Regardless of where this aspect lands for the individual, it will definitely have a tremendous impact on personal charts.

As we get into late February,  it is such a different a time, and much calmer except for Jupiter squaring Pluto which will be an irritant for Wall Street, and for people with birthdays in September, June, December and March 25 through 27. However, most can expect a more reflective, quieter and introspective feeling to predominate during this time with the shift of four planets into Pisces. These late February days are the so called “DOM” days of Tibetan Buddhism, whose New Year rides in with the new moon of March 4. It’s the end of the calendar year, meaning that this is a time when one is supposed to simplify, pull back, be ever-mindful, and seek one’s own inner wisdom. Although both the Tibetans and Chinese are Buddhists, they differ on many things including the timing of their New Year.

The late February days of the 26 and 27 favor planting a garden, growing herbs, or even shopping for mineral supplements under the root moon Moola (the Vedic part of Sagittarius).  And yes, it’s an earthy theme for later in the watery month—and so different from how it began.