When the Stars Align

Hello 2011. It’s January and the beginning of a new year is a chance to start fresh and follow through on all of those commitments we made to ourselves –to lose weight, exercise more, aim higher, etc. Sometimes we follow through on our promises, and other times we let them slide as quickly as we made them. What’s the key to being successful? While there’s no question individual willpower is a prime factor, the way the planets move in relation to one another (picture each planet encased in its own force field, exuding an intense energy) can have more of an impact on us–both as individuals and to our society as a whole–than we think.  I even like the numerology of 2011, since the numbers add up to ‘4’ — the most financially stable and solid of all the numbers combinations.

2011 is going to start off with some very powerful aspects, including a solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 4. The aspect creates an overall desire to buckle down and follow through on our goals. This particular solar eclipse will also bring with it a  precise meeting of two planets that haven’t crossed paths in over 13 years. The momentous reunion between Jupiter and Uranus, who have been hovering close to one another for months, will add a revolutionary and inspirational quality to the environment – leaving us with a feeling that our world is changing and the change is significant. Historically, this meeting of Jupiter and Uranus has coincided with remarkable  expressions of creativity, in film art and music,

and in birth charts with this aspect, as well as transits over key points for souls already here. A creative designer just told me her new line of sportswear is being launched this week on Home Shopping Network. Since, among other indications, Venus in her chart lines up perfectly with these 2 big outer giants in magical Pisces, I’m sure she will have a windfall of business.

Astrologically-speaking, the upcoming shift in power of the U.S. Congress is a classic example of this change because the government falls under Capricorn’s domain. And this year, the incoming House members read the Constitution, on their inaugural day, a never before occurrence,  and timely  because the last time Pluto was in these early degrees of Capricorn, that  majestic document was being written by Thomas Jefferson.

In mid January Pluto and  Mercury realign exactly at the point of the December retrograde, another definitive power moment, this happens on the15th. Should you have an early Taurus ,Capricorn, or Virgo birthday (your sun), or else a rising sign in those early earth sign places, this is a dynamic moment for you. Then the weekend of January 16 and 17 will provide a brief respite–a beautiful  time to reflect and relax if we’re able since the moon is in a beautiful yoga ( ‘yoke’ or combination), in a very favorable house or ”nakshatra”  as it’s called in Sanskrit.

The full moon of January 19this fairly  benign, the most interesting part of the past 4 lunations, or full moons has been that each has fallen into the last , 29th, or “anorectic degree “,the karmic or fated degree of the sign  it is leaving. Interesting times indeed.

On January 26, Saturn will go into retrograde motion for a few months which it does once a year. Because Saturn will be squaring off with Mercury, it could trigger a create a sharp air to communications. Be conscious of your word choices during this time to avoid regretting something you said later. Don’t be surprised if mundane hassles, like travel delays or postponements, appear large than they are. When planets line up in retrograde, I like to think it’s a good time to do research and study some issue or other. Sometimes what we first perceive as a roadblock can turn into a fortuitous opportunity to receive additional information or insight that brings you more clarity about a situation.

Looking ahead to the outlook for the rest of the year, we have a few prevailing aspects, one of which is causing a major shift in our foundations. Pluto has been slowly orbiting in the sign of Capricorn  starting over two years ago around the 2008 presidential election. It hasn’t traveled in this location in 240 years around the time our Republic was born. Add this to the fact that as the US chart is experiencing it’s Saturn return at this time, I tend to think we will see some significant changes. The period in mid April appears to be a landmark time that will correspond to these aspects.

Pluto’s energy usually upends all of our established structures (banking, healthcare and government all fall under the Pluto in Capricorn reign) and reforms them in its deep underworld workshop. The most powerful of the gods in Greek mythology because he was not seen, Pluto’s movement will ultimately be a positive one from a universal perspective because it will strip away the outmoded and allow for a new and more useful forms to surface.

We may begin to see new ways of doing business and connecting communities. We could also see huge advancements in medicine and science as well as changes in the Wall Street world of doing business.  Because of the specific location Pluto is in, it’s also a time where universal debts will be repaid.

Pluto’s sway will of course impact people individually. While everyone has a unique astrological chart, this planetary shake-up will move people into new careers, possibly into lines of work they hadn’t considered before. Life will fall more into place, practically-speaking, and yes the economy will slowly improve, and  we will  slowly move forward along our respective paths. Such is the Saturnian, slow but steady, nature of the Capricorn influence.

From a global perspective, there is no doubt  that we are in the midst of a great transition right now. As a country, we can expect five more years of dynamic change to continue before entering into an entirely new chapter in 2016.